"good old fashioned rock and roll,great tune" on Rock N' Roll (can never die)

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"love the lyrics and message man!" on The Social Media Blues

"Nicely written song, very Neil Young kinda vibe to it. Solid vocals and lead guitar" on If I Knew You Back Then

"Feels like a late 70s piece, that I might have come across long ago going through my dad's vinyl. The vintage sound is just completely nailed in this one. It's like a tribute to a whole decade." on Rock N' Roll (can never die)

"This has a nice vibe and sound great work" on Long Cold Winter

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"nice & dirty grooves! Awesome classic rock tones, sounding great... Nice work! :)" on Truth in the Land of Lies (Can I Get an Amen)

"Amazing Track !" on Nasty M.F.

"Good voice mate!" on Black Hole Sun [Cover] (w/ Phil McWalter)

"This is cool man, its so raw!!" on Hypocrite

"Nicely driven track very minimalist. Liking it" on Hypocrite

"Great energy!" on Rock N' Roll (can never die)

"Great song! Love it!" on Part of Me

"Your vocals remind me of America's lead vocalist; in fact some of your guitar runs do too! By the way, I absolutely love the band, America :)" on Today

"nirvana like :)" on The Social Media Blues

"Nice classic rock sounding track, reminding me of Sabbath and Neil Young and Skynyrd a little!" on Freedom

"This track has that classic bluesy rock sound that will hopefully find itself to be timeless. Well executed. Excellent Production." on Long Cold Winter

"i fell in love with this!"
on Home To My Baby

"like these delta blues" on Home To My Baby

"Cool! Old school! How i love this!" on She

David J. Kearney

"Delightful sound! the piano mixed with the guitar riffs and vocals work really well!" on Long Cold Winter

"Wonderful song! Voice is awesome!"  on Part of Me

"Beautiful, my friend." on Part of Me

"Chill 60's vibe, love this honestly" on If I Knew You Back Then

"cool old school and really original" on That Man Is Me

"Love how raw you guys sound, reminds me of punk so much" on Freedom

"good production and chordal changes on this, David...lovely laid-back vocals, too! :)" on Only You

 "Interesting song, voice and style reminds me a bit of Neil Young, I like it." on Only You

"yeah, reminds me a bit of Neil (Young) and Crazy Horse, stripped down straight up rock..... "... great lyric and straight ahead rock." on Freedom

"Solid beat holding it down with well-sung vocals, got a Neil Young vibe to it" on Only You