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Finding Religion ...

David Kearney


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"I enjoyed this read.  It was a short read but was filled with thought and information." ~ Janet A. on Amazon

"Great Read.  An objective POV of this man's spirituality and thoughts on the world throughout his life and his lifelong dedication to his family is prominent in this book." ~Lisa Grublis on Amazon

"Thank you for the wonderful book!  We will add it to our library.  It is thoughtful, warm, gentle, respectful, wise.  ~Dan Barker

David J. Kearney

This book explores a spiritual journey in life as the author comes to religion while teaching his son Caleb about morality and how to live life. While sharing the lessons he gained from being raised by his parents, David passes on the importance of "apply[ing] love, persistence, and perseverance wherever you are in life" to Caleb. Through his first 44 years of life, David had no formal religious education besides the casual encounters he had with different faiths throughout life. When Caleb's mother began to get reacquainted with the Church, David began researching faith. David shares his unique adaption of faith over the last two years and his new-found spiritual beliefs with the reader.

I wrote this book for my son as something to pass on as part of my legacy to him. But, not only is this book much more than a book about a single experience, it is a way to approach thinking, analyzing, and coming to conclusions. It is a way to living life and a way to be the best you can be. It is a memorialization of a search, an incorporation of lessons learned, and the conclusion of a path chosen. This book contains ideas and stories about how to consider feelings, beliefs, and wisdom of others, but not lose yourself in the process. This is applicable to everyone. We all need to understand that we need to consider others’ thoughts, opinions, feelings, wisdom, and beliefs, but think independently, walk independently, and speak independently. Regardless of whether or not you are religious or curious about religion, this is a good lesson for everyone